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FAQs on how to fill, use and store your hot water bottle safely

Q: How hot should my hot water bottle be?

A: The hot water bottle should feel "nice". It should be hot, but it should never burn. The heat at which a person will feel comfortable using their hot water bottle will depend on their individual sensitivity to heat. It is advised that once your kettle has boiled, the water should be left to cool slightly. It is recommended that the water is left to cool for at least 20 minutes once boiled.


For young children and those with sensitive skin it is recommended that you do not fill the hot water bottle with water that is above 40°C/104°F and ALWAYS use a cover with the hot water bottle.


Q: Why can't I fill my hot water bottle straight from the tap?

A: Filling your hot water bottle straight from the tap or other domestic hot water system can prematurely degrade your hot water bottle. The reason for this is that all the minerals and impurities that are removed from the water through boiling, will build up on the inside of the hot water bottle.


Q: Why shouldn't I use boiling water when filling my bottle?

A: Using water that is still boiling or coming off the boil can be dangerous. Even though the kettle may have flicked off, the water will continue to boil for short period after. If you try to fill your hot water bottle immediately the water is likely to splash back and cause scalding.


Q: What does the guarantee on my hot water bottle cover?

A: Any guarantee that comes with your hot water bottle is against manufacturing faults only. We cannot take liability for the degradation of any hot water bottle caused by misuse or incorrect storage. 


Q: I store my hot water bottle in the airing cupboard. Is this ok?

A: Never store your hot water bottle in the airing cupboard as the fluctuation in heat from any boiler or water tank will adversely affect the bottle. You should not store your hot water bottle on or near any source of heat, for example near a radiator, where it will be exposed to sunlight or under the sink where exposure to chemicals can degrade the quality of the bottle.


Q: Do I have to use a cover with my  hot water bottle?

A: It is advised that you do not use any hot water bottle without a cover. Direct contact of a hot water bottle on skin can cause burns. Young children, elderly people, and those with sensitive skin or reduced feeling should be especially careful.


Q: Can I wash my cover?

A: Yes. All our covers come with washing and drying instructions.  


Q: When should I replace my hot water bottle?

A: It is advised that you replace your hot water bottle every 2 years to ensure that you are always using a bottle which is in good shape, safe for use, and in line with current safety standards for hot water bottles. The safety of a hot water bottle can be affected by how it is used and stored.