The Hot Water Bottle Co. is the original British hot water bottle brand. We are a family business that has been keeping big and small toes toasty around the world for nearly 50 years!

Our Mission

We believe our long standing mission has enabled us to become global leaders in the supply of hot water bottles and microwavable personal heating products. 

For generations the pride in what we do has come from our mission never to compromise on quality, product or customer service.

As global experts in hot water bottles and personal warming products our vision is to provide you with a fabulous range of hot water bottles and microwaveable personal warming products that can provide a safe source or warmth and comfort for you and your loved ones.

Our Partners

We don't do all this alone! The 25 year partnerships we have established with our teams and factories in the Far East ensures we are working with partners who understand and help us to achieve our mission and vision. With their in-depth knowledge of this unique category and the the up-to date manufacturing and rigorous testing processes we have established over the course of these partnerships you can be confident that you and your loved ones are buying safe products.

Our Local Community

We endeavour to continue employing staff from the local community here in the UK and working with and supporting UK businesses, like we have done through the generations. To keep you informed, where possible we will note where elements of our products have been UK sourced and packed.

Your Experience With The Hot Water Bottle Co.

It is important to us that the quality of your experience with every product we supply should be perfect, from browsing through this website, to purchase, receiving your item, right through to use and experience of one of our products.

To Toasty Toes This Winter!

The Hot Water Bottle Co. x