Why you shouldn't buy a replacement stopper for your hot water bottle from us

Why you shouldn't buy a replacement stopper for your hot water bottle from us

On occasion we get poor reviews from customers who have bought a replacement stopper from us and are clearly annoyed that the stopper they have bought from us doesn't fit their hot water bottle - which they obviously didn't buy from us. 

Our listing for our replacement stoppers clearly states that they are "NOT compatible with any other hot water bottle". We further note in the product description "If your hot water bottle is NOT Coronation brand you will need to contact the brand/supplier of your hot water bottle to seek a replacement."

It's not that we don't want your order. However, hot water bottle stoppers are a bit like finger prints. There are many hot water bottle manufacturers and each manufacturer has their own design for the stopper that fits "their" hot water bottle. We are not sure of the reason for this and as one customer replied "why can't they just make one stopper that fits every hot water bottle?" - we don't know!

In the interests of safety, which is paramount when using a hot water bottle, you should contact the brand and/or supplier of the hot water bottle you have to see if they can supply a replacement stopper that will fit your hot water bottle correctly. That is why you shouldn't buy a replacement stopper from us!

On final point, the poor reviews for our stopper always end with disbelief at the cost of postage. We don't build a ‘Delivery Allowance’ into the price of our products and endeavour to keep handling, packing and postage costs down to a minimum. Unfortunately Royal Mail does not accept the £1.00 product as a small letter as it is more than 5mm deep so it has to go as a small parcel, which is more expensive. 

We hope the above information helps.


The Hot Water Bottle Shop x

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